(downloadable reprints available in PDF format)


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Putting a Stop to D,L-transpeptidases.
De, S. and McIntosh, L.P.

Preview for Structure 20:753-754 (2012)

Regulation of mitosis and taxane response by Daxx and Rassf1C.
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The anti-invasive peptide Neopetrosiamide A induces the release of membrane-bound vesicles and inhibits tumor cell adhesion.
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Cyclic enterobacterial common antigen: Potential contaminant of bacterially expresed protein preparations.
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Mechanism of E47-Pip Interaction on DNA Resulting in Transcriptional Synergy and Activation of  Immunoglobulin Germline Sterile Transcripts. 
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Cdc4p, a contractile ring protein essential for cytokinesis in Schizosaccharomyces pombe, interacts with a phosphatylinositol 4-kinase.
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